A Citizen's 2% Solution

How to Repeal Investment Income Taxes, Avoid a Value-Added Tax, and Still Balance the Budget


A Proposal for Rational & Equitable Tax Reform

A Citizen’s 2% Solution is one Citizen’s attempt to create a Public Dialogue centered around five issues and observations:

  1. America’s Progressive Tax Structure is a Myth.  The working middle class pays much higher marginal tax rates than the very wealthy.

  2. The Social Security Trust Fund does not hold stored value available for future funding needs.   Social Security Contributions have been consumed by structural annual budget deficits.   Draws against the Trust can only be funded by future taxes, future borrowings, or monetary expansion, the Fed’s euphemistic description of degrading our currency.  The only functional result of calling employment taxes “contributions” is it hides the fact that the middle class pays higher marginal tax rates than their more affluent neighbors. 

  3. Investment Income Taxes slow growth and stimulate tax avoidance.  A constant nominal tax on accumulated net wealth would stimulate more productive capital allocations. 

  4. The cost of inflation created by deficit spending exceeds the cost of a 2% asset tax that could balance the budget.

  5. Responsibility in Government cannot be achieved without Campaign Finance Reform.  The obscene sums of money that flow into political campaigns have turned the right of free speech into a right to buy control of the conversation. 

If the Congressional Budget Office is correct in stating that America’s Federal Budget is on an “Unsustainable Path”, then rationalizing U.S. Federal budget practices may be the most important challenge of our generation.

Please help advance this conversation and dialogue by informing yourself on these topics and adding your voice through the Surveys and Petitions posted nearby and your own activist approach to your political representatives and whatever media editorial channels you find most trustworthy on these issues.  

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