A Citizen's 2% Solution

How to Repeal Investment Income Taxes, Avoid a Value-Added Tax, and Still Balance the Budget

The Book

Author’s note:  Following our recent financial collapse, appalled by the growing fiscal profligacy of Congress, I turned my 30-plus years of crisis management and analytical experience toward the federal budget process in search of more rational and equitable alternative tax policies.   My analysis led me to two primary conclusions:

1)  America’s vaunted Progressive Tax system is an Illusion.

2)  Our founders’ vision of a government composed of Citizen Representatives is being corrupted by money in politics. 

A Citizen’s 2% Solution (Available at AMAZON) sets forth the analysis and reasoning which led me to those discoveries and proposes specific policy reforms which I believe follow rationally behind those factual realizations.

First, America needs to substantially restructure its federal tax policies.  We need to flatten and reduce personal income tax rates, and eliminate the unequal treatment of preferential, complex and often contradictory investment income tax policies which facilitate and encourage tax avoidance.  I propose we replace corporate and investment income taxes and the inheritance tax with a 2% tax on net assets.  This is a strongly pro-growth proposal.  By modifying investment and business taxes to an asset-based formula, we can

  • stimulate investment and job growth,
  • remove tax penalties on productive enterprises,
  • reduce the most regressive elements of our current tax system and shift more of the burden of government to those most able to pay, and
  • protect the long-term  stability of the U.S. dollar.

Second, we cannot achieve real political progress unless we unlink the connection between our Representatives and the moneyed interests they rely upon to obtain office.  We need to provide public forums and funding in support of political campaigns.  Campaign finance reform is a prerequisite to improving the quality of our government. 

But more important than the specific policy proposals set forth for consideration, A Citizen’s 2% Solution is my Call to Arms to American Citizens from both parties to explore and examine these challenges themselves and then to Seek Change:

Demand a return to honest discourse in public policy discussions, and

Initiate debate aimed toward achieving Rational and Equitable Tax Reform. 

If you share my belief in the importance and need for reforming America’s tax and fiscal policies, I urge you to explore these perspectives and suggestions about how to attack the problem. 

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