A Citizen's 2% Solution

How to Repeal Investment Income Taxes, Avoid a Value-Added Tax, and Still Balance the Budget

About the Author


S. Douglas Hopkins is the founder and President of Kestrel Consulting, LLC, a crisis management and turnaround consulting firm which provides advisory and interim management services to a broad and diverse selection of middle-market companies.  He is also co-author of Crafting Solutions for Troubled Businesses: A Disciplined Approach to Diagnosing and Confronting Management Challenges.   

He has over thirty years of hands-on, practical experience evaluating and responding to complex financial, operational, and strategic challenges of private sector businesses in multiple industries.   

A committed advocate of both laissez-faire capitalism and activist democracy, Mr. Hopkins authored A Citizen’s 2% Solution as a labor of personal passion and civic duty in resistance to both Crony Capitalism and the Nanny State. 

Doug holds a B.A. from the University of South Florida and a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California Film School; Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program.

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