A Citizen's 2% Solution

How to Repeal Investment Income Taxes, Avoid a Value-Added Tax, and Still Balance the Budget


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                      Table of Contents 

   i)                Prologue                                           

  ii)                Preface                                              

  1)                 Land of the Free, Home of the Brave       

  2)                 A Nation of Liars                            

  3)                 The Curse of Professional Politicians      

  4)                 The Myth of Progressive Taxes    

                            –   Recap of Key Observations

  5)                 Deficit Spending:  Problem?  Or Answer?

  6)                 Requirements of Our American Democracy

  7)                 The Root of All Evil           

  8)                 The Role of Capitalism                  

  9)                 Principles to Live & Govern By   

10)                Return to Citizen Representatives

11)                 The 2% Solution                               

12)                Self-Interest Run Amok vs EqualTreatment                  

13)                Become an Agent of Change         

                            –  Petitions

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