A Citizen's 2% Solution

How to Repeal Investment Income Taxes, Avoid a Value-Added Tax, and Still Balance the Budget

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The 2% Solution Proposals are a call for fundamental reform in both Tax Structure and Campaign Finance. 

It is a wake-up call to our Representatives, a reminder that they were called to public service to provide their judgement on our collective behalf, not to serve as protectors of the interests of their campaign contributors.  It is a reminder that they must not serve narrowly, focused on the next election cycle, but broadly focused on the stability and prosperity of the Union. 

A message this challenging to the status quo will only be heard if it is delivered by many insistent voices.  Please ADD YOUR VOICE to the dialogue.  You may do so here on this website by signing one or more of the nearby Petitions, or replying or commenting on the issues and discussions raised in this forum. 

But, more importantly, I urge you to take this issue seriously and become a vocal advocate of your own views in the larger community of your friends and associates and, most especially, any media or political representatives with whom you may have contact or influence. 

I urge you to consider adding your signature to the Petitions posted here on this site.  But don’t stop there.  Print it out and send a physical copy to your Congressman, the White House (see addresses below) and the Editor of your favorite periodical.  Or use the embedded LIKE Button or Share functions to spread the word and forward email submissions (both to your representatives and your friends and associates). 

Click here to go to: Petitions

I Support the 2% Solution

Please Examine the 2% Solution

I Demand Campaign Finance Reform

 Or if you don’t agree with the positions stated here – distill your own opinion into written form and fire it off.   

Mailing addresses of federal representatives: 

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
email:  [Use this LINK to Contact Form]
The Honorable [Insert Name]
United States Senate
    Washington, D.C. 20510
email:  [Use this LINK to Contact Form]
The Honorable [Insert Name]
U.S. House of Representatives, 
Washington, DC 20515
email:  [Use this LINK to Contact Form]


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  1. Brian Flynn says:

    Doug: great site. Happy Thanksgiving to the family. On our way to San Diego. Kevin Flynn looking at college. Could use some tax savings to foot the bill.
    Hasta, Brian

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